Synthetic Stucco on Brick & Hardcoat Stucco

In Moisture Intrusion by Morgan McClure

I am often asked by concerned people about Synthetic Stucco that is applied on both Brick and Hardcoat stucco structures. For the purpose of answering that question it will be important you first understand the difference between “Synthetic Stucco” and “EIFS” (Exterior Insulated Finish System). Synthetic Stucco only relates to the acrylic finish or final stucco coating. It is not a system in itself. The real and proper defination for Synthitic Stucco is EIFS. EIFS is comprised of the acrylic coating applied over foam and basecoat and is the actual siding material itself. Synthetic Stucco is NOT under the requirement of disclosure. The system under disclosure is (EIFS) Exterior Insulated Finish System. When the acrylic coating is applied over Hardcoat Stucco or Brick or over foam that is attached to either the Brick or the Hardcoat Stucco it is refered to as an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam Detail. These details are typically used as window surrounds or at entry ways. The material is decorative only and unassociated to interior wall moisture infiltration issues.